A change of heart

It happened.. Not the first time but to my dismay it did. In return a lot came back. Decided to trade the Volvo V60 Polestar after almost two and half year of ownership. Several reasons to do so. One of the reasons was the performance of the car. Coming from a Lexus IS-F the performance […]


SD14 is gone. The fun didn’t even last a year. There were plans with this car. I have been investigating modifications for this car while trying to keep the appearance as stock as possible but some things weren’t that easy. The brakes for instance. Not much available which fits the Black 19″ Carbon Edition wheels. […]

But what happened??

The blog experiment started with SD10 but what happened with the car ? Well.. The project has been slowly progressing to a point where it ran. The car was drivable. The interior wasn’t finished and the car was never registered for the simple reason that I was busy with other projects. The image in my […]


It started as a test over 4 years ago mainly to see what WordPress was all about. The software has been present on the site all the time but neglected. That was until I decided to overhaul the simple static HTML SD site. Over the last couple of days I have been trying out some functions […]

It’s official!

Birth of the SD10, today the car has been painted white!

First signs of SD

Today part of the interior, trunk and engine bay were painted white.

Some backdating

October 15th the whole thing started.. As some may know I bought an old Volvo 142 this year and had some plans with it. The 142 was designated SD9 Project “Fridge” because it was the ninth SwedeDemon and I was in no rush to transform it in to a real SD. As time progressed I […]