But what happened??

The blog experiment started with SD10 but what happened with the car ?


Well.. The project has been slowly progressing to a point where it ran. The car was drivable. The interior wasn’t finished and the car was never registered for the simple reason that I was busy with other projects. The image in my head for this car was clear from the start. Some details weren’t. The implications of the details were a different story.

2012 arrived and legislation changed. The historic car status was lost. The government decided to change the minimum age for a historic car from 25 to 30 years at first and to 40 years shortly after. Car’s between the age of 25 and 40 years were given a sort of road tax transition ratio but only when the car was deregistered for 3 month’s a year. Although doable and not to extreme tax rates I decided to leave the SD10 as it was and only apply for historic car status when the car turns 40 which would be somewhere 2017. Build progress slowed down to the point where it basically came to a halt. Most of the more involving changes have been done and I hope to start working on the car again later this year.

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